Monza, Italy,Teatro Manzoni, Mai 27, 2013

Philharmonic Orchestra „Mihail Jora” Bacau,


“Cyprus Young Strings Soloists”
Cleo Karpasiti, Anna Economou, Annisia Iacovou, Maria Malakouna – violins

Kyung Hwa Park – violin


“Cyprus Young Strings Soloists”                











Kyung Hwa Park












Gioacchino Rossini, ouverture to the opera „The Barber of Seville”
Antonio Vivaldi, concerto for four violins and orchestra
Niccolò Paganini, moto perpetuo
Pietro Mascagni, intermezzo from „Cavalleria rusticana”
Johannes Brahms, violin concerto op. 77

Kyung Hwa Park wurde 1985 in Seoul (Süd Korea) geboren. Ihren ersten Geigeunterricht erhielt sie mit neun Jahren. Von 2004 bis 2008 studierte sie an der Seoul National Universität in Korea bei Prof. Young-Uk Kim und Sang-Hee Kwon. Seit April 2009 studiert sie an der Musikhochschule Freiburg bei Prof. Magdalena Rezler. Sie besuchte verschiedene Meisterkurse bei Zakhar Bron, Thomas Brandis, Ulf Hoelscher, Christoph Poppen, Barbara Doll, Christoph Schickedanz, Pavel Vernikov. u.a. Sie erhielt Preise bei zahlreichen nationalen und internationalen Wettbewerben, darunter einen ersten Preis beim neunten „Giovani Musicisti Luigi Zanuccoli“ Wettbewerb und beim „Violino Solista“ Wettbewerb in Italien und einen zweiten Preis beim Eumyoun National Musik Wettbewerb und Ewha-Kyunghyang Musik Wettbewerb in Korea, sowie auch beim renommierten „Tadeusz Wronski“ Wettbewerb in Polen, „Max Rostal“ Wettbewerb in Berlin und beim Swedish Duo Wettbewerb. KyungHwa Park konzertiert regelmäßig als Solistin und Kammermusikerin mit ihrem Duo (Studium bei prof. Tatevik Mokatsian) in Korea, Europa, Asien u.a. Sie spielt eine Violine von Stefano Scarampella Fratello, Mantova 1906.  Soloist Kyung Hwa Park after the concert in Monza . .

“Cyprus Young Strings Soloists” is an ensemble of highly talented young musicians, members of the Strings Workshop-Music Talent Development Programme, established in October 2006 by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The Programme, a groundbreaking and ambitious initiative, provides opportunities for young talented Cypriot children to become actively involved in music and receive instruction on their string instrument (violin, viola, cello and double-bass) at the highest possible level. The Music Talent Development Programme functions under the artistic direction of the distinguished virtuoso violinist and music pedagogue Matheos Kariolou. Professor Kariolou, who lives and works in Austria, at Anton Bruckner Music University in Linz, has great experience in teaching violin to both children of a very young age as well as older students. Professor Kariolou works intensively with the students of the Violin Workshop which functions under his supervision and guidance applying his own personal teaching method. “Cyprus Young Strings Soloists” have already performed with great success at various occasions and venues. Some of their landmark performances were the following: In June 2010 “Cyprus Young Strings Soloists”, in a rare opportunity, were invited by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr Demetris Christofias, to perform for His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI on the occasion of his Apostolic Journey to Cyprus. His Holiness expressed his great enthusiasm both for the project and for the children’s quality of performance. In October 2010 the ensemble performed at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in a concert for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Cyprus. The young performers received a prolonged standing ovation from a most enthusiastic audience. The concert was under the high patronage of the President of the European Parliament Dr Jerzy Buzek. In November 2010 the ensemble performed at the famous “Musikverein” concert hall in Vienna. This concert was included in the framework of the formal celebrations for the 50th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Cyprus and was held under the auspices of His Excellency the Federal President of Austria, Dr. Heinz Fischer, and His Excellency the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr Demetris Christofias. The performance in Vienna was described as “a performance to be remembered”. In June 2012 Cyprus Young Strings Soloists were invited by the famous Spivakov Foundation in Moscow to perform at their renowned International Festival “Moscow meets friends”.  The ensemble was honored by the organizers to close the Festival.